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The benefits of curbs & gutters have been recognized since ancient times, when stone curbs were placed along the edges of traveled ways by early civilizations. 

Concrete curbs or combined curbs and gutters serve several important functions including:

  1. Curbs collect water from crowned pavements and convey it to points of collection, thus reducing the amount of water that gets under the pavement.
  2. They outline the edges of pavements and provide easily definable borders between traveled and untraveled surfaces.
  3. They confine pavement structures, especially if the pavements are composed of layers of materials that must be compacted in-place.
  4. Curbs help contain low speed traffic within the edges of pavements.

The procedures for efficient and economical construction of concrete curbs include:

  1. The preparation of the subgrade to provide uniform support,
  2. The accurate alignment of forms or slipform equipment,
  3. The placing and consolidating of durable concrete,
  4. Jointing for crack control,
  5. Finishing and texturing,
  6. Curing, and protecting until ready for traffic loads.